Bicycle Maintenance and Repair

A well-maintained bicycle can provide you with years of enjoyment.  We are here to help make sure yours always runs smoothly.  We always recommend bringing your bike into the shop so that we can give you the most accurate estimate and fastest turnaround possible.  Our goal is to complete repairs within 24-48 hours.  Service is typically provided on a first-come, first-served basis.  If you need to make an appointment please give us a call and we will do our very best to accommodate your schedule.  Many repairs can be completed the same day while you wait or run an errand.  If you have any questions, please give us a call, email, or message us on Facebook and we will be happy to help you out.

Complimentary pick-up and delivery with all new bike purchases and premium service packages.

Preventative Maintenance



Basic overview to ensure safety, precise operation and a smooth, clean ride.

Every 25-50 hours of use

Lubricate drive train

Align and adjust brakes

Align and adjust shifting

Adjust bearing systems

Quick frame wash



Advances performance achieved through complete system cleanliness, precise adjustment, and lubrication.

Every 50-75 hours of use

In addition to Basic:

Remove and deep clean all drive train components

Detailed bike wash with wheel and tire scrub

Bike polish and protectant

Brake surface and pad clean

Straighten and tension wheels

$24.99                                                  •Secure Hardware  •Inflate tires


Road/Hybrid Overhaul

MTB Overhaul

$199.99* + parts

$319.99 + parts

Comprehensive rebuild ensures complete system performance, smooth and quiet operation and component longevity. 

Every 100 hours of use

In addition to Advanced:

Complete disassembly of bike to the frame

Clean and overhaul all major components, including bearing systems

Tape handlebars

*Hydraulic disc brake equipped bikes + $29.99

In addition to Road/Hybrid Overhaul:

Remove and inspect all suspension hardware and replace bearings

Flush and bleed hydraulic brakes

Seal and oil service on suspension

*Damper service additional

Other Services

Wash Bike


Wipe down frame, wheels, and components.

 Clean drivetrain on bike.

 Bikes work better when you keep the parts clean and maintained.    

Assemble Bike


  Do you have a bicycle purchased elsewhere?  No problem, we can assemble it for you!  

Newly assembled bikes should be inspected after approximately 10 hours of riding to ensure proper function of all components. If we assemble your bike, we will provide a re-inspection and tuning of the bicycle within 30 days of pick-up.    

*Additional fees may apply for recumbent, tricycles, and ebikes.  

Give us a call or stop in if you have any questions!

Pack Bike for Shipping


Professional packing of your bike for shipping

Includes bike box and packing materials

*Shipping cost is not included - we will convey our shipping rate to you, this varies by the weight and dimensions of your packed bike box and by carrier.  We typically use UPS or FEDEX

Common Labor Rates:

Install tire/inner tube
Install chain
Tape handlebars
Install grips
Minor wheel true
Major wheel true
Bleed hydraulic brake$24.99
Bleed hydraulic dropper post$24.99
Install dropper post$29.99
Build wheel$59.99-$79.99
Install tubeless tire (up to 2oz of sealant included)$15.99
Install sew-up tire$49.99
Install or remove freewheel or cassette$15.99
Adjust derailleur$15.99
Adjust rim brake$15.99
Fork seal service (Includes oil - seals extra)$69.99
Shock seal service (Includes oil - seals extra)$69.99
Install 3 piece crank$19.99
Rebuild full-suspension frame (Frame hardware additional)$79.99
Install new fork (Includes cutting steer-tube, installing crown race and setting star nut)$34.99
Align derailleur hanger$19.99
Install or program cycle computer $15.00-$30.00

Shop Labor Rate: $60/hour