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COVID-19 Update Page

April 8th, 2020

We hope that you have had the opportunity to ride your bike over the past week – sunshine, fresh air, and exercise are all great ingredients to keep your spirits up! On Sunday 3/22/2020 we received a letter confirming our essential business designation, pursuant to New York State Executive order 202.6. We look forward to continuing to address your cycling needs while providing the high quality of service you have come to expect from us. Our business hours will remain the same, however this is subject to change at any time. Please check our website, email us, or call 845-632-3050 for our current status. Your safety is important to us and as such we have adopted the following guidelines for conducting business at our location. 

  1.      All guests should enter the shop through our Mill St. Repair entrance located by our parking lot. We have posted a reminder on our front entrance. We will alert you when it is your turn to enter the store.

  2.      We are limiting in-store occupancy to 1 guest at a time. This allows us to disinfect any touched surfaces after each visit. This policy also allows us to more easily maintain safe distances from each other.   

  3.      We are asking everyone to leave repair bikes outside of our back door on the racks located under our pop-up tent. We need to disinfect all bikes before bringing them to the workshop area for repair. We will come to meet you outside of the store to record scope of work and contact information. 

  4.      We need guests who are waiting for service to maintain a safe distance of 6 feet from each other and any of our employees who come outside to assist.

  5.      You can place orders and we can process payments over the phone or online, and we are able to meet you outside of the store for curbside pickup.

Bikes are the primary mode of transportation for many. For others, cycling helps maintain physical and mental health. Many activities and places are temporarily off limits, but you can still ride your bike. We ask that you do so as safely and as responsibly as possible. Please maintain safe distances on the rail trails and roads, in the woods, and please avoid going on group rides for now. 

Thank you!

Team Wheel and Heel

March 18th, 2020

Dear Community:

We believe that a bike ride will do you good! We also believe that following the direction of local, state, and federal healthcare authorities is imperative in order to keep our customers and staff safe during this COVID-19 event. Here are a few of the steps we are taking to meet the current challenge:

  1.      We are sanitizing high touch surfaces such as entry handles, credit card terminals and counter tops at opening, throughout the day, and at closing time.  

  2.      Any employees who aren’t feeling well are required to stay home. We are asking our customers, vendors, and any other individuals who may need to enter the premises to do the same if they have any symptoms or if they have otherwise been exposed.  

  3.      During interactions in the store, we are keeping a safe distance while limiting the number of customers in the store to 4 or fewer at a time.

  4.      We are requesting that all repair bikes be dropped off outside of our back entrance where they will be disinfected before being repaired. From there you may enter the store where we can record contact information, scope of work, etc.

  5.      You can place orders and we can process payments over the phone or online and we are able to meet you outside of the store to collect purchases when needed.

  6.      As of 3/18/2020, business hours will remain the same, however these are subject to change. As the situation remains fluid, we will offer updates via, google, and social media.   

This is an unprecedented situation for all of us, and we are all doing our best to get through it. If you are in the Village visiting us or passing through, please also consider purchasing gift cards or ordering take out from our neighboring restaurants and establishments.    



Thank you for your continued support!

Team Wheel and Heel

CDC Guidelines for COVID-19